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Joint Press Event | Thursday, August 19, 2021

Posted almost 3 years ago

There will be a joint press release on Thursday, organized by the Montana Medical Association and the other health care academies around our great state.  The release will encourage everyone to get vaccinated if they are able as well as support masks in schools this year to protect our school-age kids (many of whom cannot be vaccinated).  We also want to remind the public to reach out to their health care providers if they have further questions or concerns.

I will be attending the press release, and I would love to have statements from YOU to read or submit to the press on your behalf.  If you have a story about how COVID has affected you and your community, please send it on.

As Physician Assistants, we have the unique privilege of caring for all patients, pediatric to geriatric, in any and every health care setting. We have also seen the effects of COVID on our patients, our colleagues, and our communities.  We understand the importance of this vaccine, the value of wearing masks to prevent the spread, and the repercussions when the recommendations aren't followed.  Montana Academy of Physician Assistants stands with our fellow medical providers around the state, following the science and keeping Montanans safe. We encourage vaccines for everyone who can get it. We also support masks in school to protect our most vulnerable assets.

Our behaviors matter. Our patients' behaviors matter.  We have the power to present good information and recommendations to the widest variety of patients - let's show what PAs can do!

Megan Zawacki
President, Montana Academy of Physician Assistants



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