Montana Academy of Physician Assistants

Status of the rulemaking process for the new law regarding independent practice

Posted 2 months ago

MCA 37-20-203 addresses collaborative practice requirements and exemptions from collaborative agreements. It became effective immediately upon passage of HB313.

 Concurrent with other rulemaking packages to implement other legislation, the Board of Medical Examiners subsequently proposed two rule packages to implement HB313 through amendment and repeal of its administrative rules. Any rulemaking requires stakeholder engagement, a public comment period, a review of public comment, and a review by the Legislative Affairs Interim Committee. Changes were made to propose alignment with the new statutory language brought through HB313 and existing board rules.

MAR 24-156-97 removed the board's supervision relationship education online course requirement. It was published by 12/22/2023.

MAR 24-156-94 contained the bulk of rule updates and finalized rulemaking for HB313. It published 2/10/2024.

The new physician assistant application and relationship amendment application will be online only and is based on the new statute and rules.  It is pending development by the State's IT department.


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